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Seniors in Transition

If a senior member of your family needs to move, either to a new home or to an assisted living facility, it will affect the whole family. The emotions and the choices can be overwhelming. In fact moving is one of the most stressful experiences in life and of course your life doesn't stop to make room for the additional duties associated with a move.

We can help. As a Certified Relocation and Transition Specialist, Gloria Bartlett has the experience and the compassionate personality that's needed to work with seniors in transition. She can create a comprehensive plan to help your family member:

  • Evaluate his/her belongings
  • Prepare the home for sale, including repairs and staging
  • Sell the home through realtors who are certified to work with seniors
  • Move the most cherished possessions
  • Set up the new location and encourage new goal setting
  • Change their address
  • Preserve their memories

Once you have the plan, you and your family can complete the tasks as listed. Or if you choose, Gloria can execute the plan as a project manager and a professional stager, relieving the stress associated with the move.

Gloria's attention to detail will help the senior in your family feel at home in their new location. She understands how seniors feel a deep connection with their possessions and strives to replicate as much as possible the placement of items in their new location.

Her background as National Manager of Corporate Relocations at a national real estate company helps her build optimism into the process. She researches the new location and finds opportunities for the seniors to stay connected to the people and activities they love. She also encourages them to meet new people and start new projects, to focus on the positive.

Q: We know that our father has to move to assisted living but we don't know where to start. Help!

A: Sit down with Gloria for a free initial needs assessment and she can provide an estimate for a plan. Her plan will include a detailed budget and schedule for managing the move, the home sale, the distribution of belongings and the setup in the new location.

Q: How will the furniture fit?

A: In some cases it won't. Gloria will ensure that the most treasured belongings fit in a way that makes the new location home-like.

Did you Know?

Gloria is a Certified Relocation and Transition Specialist with the training and experience to assist seniors and their families plan and execute a seamless transition from one location to another.

Gloria Bartlrtt

Gloria Bartlett
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Client Feedback

I really appreciate you helping us out. It was hectic and I know Mom is still adjusting, but physically she is doing so much better. And I can sleep at night knowing that she is safe and receiving proper food and medication and has people checking on her on a regular basis. Dad is also relieved as he doesn’t have to worry about Mom’s safety any more.